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Search our online database for Hong Kong lawyer vacancies available now. Burgess Paluch specialises in assisting lawyers keen to secure roles in Hong Kong, working within leading global law firms or in-house legal teams. Our broad client base, local contacts and networks include leading law firms and in-house corporateteams. We offer access to a broad range of lawyer vacancies in Hong Kong.

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Under its “one country, two systems” status, Hong Kong retains a unique and vibrant place among the world’s financial and commercial centres. Always heavily dependent on entrepôt trade, the years since it reverted to Chinese possession have if anything seen its influence rise. Hong Kong has a thriving legal community, not just serving in the many international law firms that make Hong Kong their regional headquarters, but as junior and senior in-house legal counsel in Hong Kong’s business sector. English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong, and is used for legal discourse.

A Fresh Approach to Legal Recruitment in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is unlike any other commercial powerhouse in the world, and successful legal recruitment in Hong Kong demands a unique approach. Our recruitment team consists of lawyers who have had successful careers in Hong Kong, and are deeply engaged in its legal and commercial life. Our network embraces the upper tiers of the international law firms, but includes the many smaller and boutique houses that occupy the many important niches in Hong Kong’s legal scene. From the outset, Burgess Paluch determined to make a difference. Because we spend more time learning about the strengths and needs of our candidates and employer clients, our shortlists for law jobs in Hong Kong are shorter, but more tightly focussed, leading to swifter and more accurate matching. Under its unique status within China, Hong Kong remains heavily dependent on expatriate personnel, and it welcomes them. However, it’s a small territory and residential accommodation is scarce. Burgess Paluch assists its candidates with all aspects of expatriate relocation, including housing, schools and a host of other issues. That enables our candidates to settle in and become productive members of their new team in record time.

We are also able to assist with salary advice, the cost of living, the cultures of particular firms and even the nuances of individual partners. Our vacancy list reflects a blend of UK, US, Australian and large local firms and in-house corporate legal teams. Search our vacancies on this page or email a CV to or call Paul Burgess on +61 3 8676 0372 to find out more.

Why Hong Kong?


Hong Kong is an ideal destination for an Australian lawyer looking for overseas experience. The strong presence of good Australian and UK law firms, the economic opportunities of China and the vibrant culture and social life mean that Hong Kong can appeal on all levels. It is Asia's preeminent city state, with an economy experiencing strong growth since its emergence from the GFC, benefiting from its high level of trade with mainland China and the premier place of its stock market for internationalising Chinese firms. It is a hub of international trade and finance, dominated by the service sector, and enjoys a position as a global convention, exhibition and tourism capital. The economy is one of the freest and fasted growing in the world and enjoys an excellent trade relationship with Australia, and there are many well established and active Australian businesses in the country.

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Being an entrepreneurial city on the edge of the growing Chinese economic superpower, with particular proximity to the prosperous southern cities, as well as its historical and cultural links to the West, Hong Kong is by nature well placed for those with ambitions in international business. This is fertile ground for lawyers, and has one the largest number of law firms present in the world, including the top Australian firms as well as the top UK, American and strong local firms. Opportunities for Australian law firms on mainland China are increasing as well. The career advantages of having knowledge and experience within this business environment, with such important trade and investment links to Australia, are undeniable.

Living in Hong Kong


The word most frequently used by expats describing life in Hong Kong is "buzz." Seven million people working hard and playing hard makes for a high energy urban lifestyle, including a variety of unique shopping experiences, from high-end, brand-focused malls to eclectically stocked street markets, earning Hong Kong its place as a premier destination for retail tourists. There is a large international community, easing the development of a social life. The strong culinary and restaurant culture mirrors this blend, including both award-winning fine-dining and exciting traditional fare. The waterfront is a particular attraction, with its traditional fish markets and gateways to Hong Kong's island whose natural and historical heritage has yet to be lost to development. Living in Hong Kong also provides opportunities to explore a side of the region away from the city buzz, as its greener surrounds include secluded beaches, islands and hiking trails.

Hong Kong holds a relatively low income tax rate when compared with Australia and has the advantages of English as an official language (along with Cantonese), a world-class transport system, low levels of crime and a mostly mild subtropical climate. And there's always the temptation of short flights to Thailand and Vietnam!

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Hundreds of Lawyer vacancies available now.

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