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John Burgess

Contact Details:        25 Babyface St

                                    Wheelers Hill 3150

                                    (m) 1234 567 890

                                    (w) (03) 1234 5678 (please be discreet)

                                    (h)  (03) 9012 3456


Admission Date:      


9 September 1994     Supreme Court of South Australia



1994                           Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice

University of South Australia


1989-1993                   Bachelor of Law (Honours)

                                    Adelaide University




January 1995             Top Dollar Legal, Melbourne

to present                  Senior Associate, Commercial Litigation

Top Dollar legal is a thriving 5 partner firm which specializes in entertainment law, commercial litigation and game-show advice. Its clients include a television station, other corporate clients, high net worth individuals and small businesses.

My practice is predominantly commercial litigation, with a small amount of game-show and other commercial advice. I supervise 2 junior lawyers and run most matters autonomously, seeking strategic advice from the partner I report to, David Spinner, when necessary. I am responsible for bringing in a substantial proportion of the game-show work done by the firm, although most of that work is done by the commercial section of the firm.

Examples of Matters

Commercial Litigation

·         Acting for a plaintiff listed company in a $4 million dispute relating to the use of confidential information and copyright in the Federal Court.             My role included acting as principal client contact and having conduct of the matter. Matter settled during the trial with a settlement favourable        to the client.

·         Acting for a defendant director on allegations of breaches of directors’ duties in a Federal Court action where the damages sought exceeded $10 million. I assisted the partner with drafting the defence, briefed the witnesses, instructed senior counsel and supervised junior lawyers with discovery. Matter is awaiting decision.

·         Acting for a high net-worth individual in a partnership dispute. I had sole conduct of the matter, briefed counsel and undertook the negotiations. Matter reached settlement on terms favourable to the client.

·         Participated in a mediation in a dispute involving 2 directors regarding the sale of the shares of one director to an unrelated party. I briefed counsel and appeared at the mediation, contributing when appropriate and assisting the client directly.

·         Acted for a large industrial company in seeking repayment over $300k in disputed loans made by it in a joint venture. Briefed counsel and worked within tight deadlines to bring the matter to trial.

·         Defending a claim for $150k on behalf of an Australian Actor for breach of contract and failure to perform. I had the full conduct of the matter, which settled prior to trial.

Commercial Matters

·         Using the assistance of one of the commercial partners, drafting a supply contract for the large industrial client referred to above after                    successful resolution of the disputed loans.

·         Drafting a number of commercial leases for a commercial property developer.

·         Advising on the incorporation and related shareholder agreements for a number of start-up companies.

Gameshow Advice

·         Acting for a reseller of a commercial gameshow with respect to a variety of legal issues relating to the contracts and payment clauses within         their standard form contracts.

·         Acting for a television station relating to a disputed answer given during the show by a competitor and the subsequent negotiation of a                  settlement of the dispute between the competitor and the television station.



·         Presenting a seminar to television game-show producers on Trade practices issues arising in game-shows.

·         Winning over a new corporate client providing the firm with substantial billings in the litigation and commercial teams.

·         Being awarded the prize for most valuable professional employee in the firm for 1999 and 2003.

·         Representing Victoria in the 2000 to 2003 Wheelspinning Games.



·         ACLA

·         Victorian Law Institute



·         Dining Out

·         Playing Korfball

·         Touch Rugby


Referees:                   Jerry Stackman*

                                    Director, Whosecorp

                                    (02) 1234 5678


                                    Jo Biller*

                                    Special Counsel, Top Dollar Legal

                                    (03) 9012 3456


                                    *please seek permission prior to contacting


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